Diễn Viên Zane Walker

Zane Walker

Thông tin diễn viên

Former door-to-door salesman Zane Walker can charm the pants off anyone – literally! His desirable charm, handsome looks, and attractive swagger will leave you wanting to see more of the Chicago native. Zane’s favorite sex scene involves sloppy blowjobs and having threesomes with two beautiful, petite ladies who are in good shape, and when he isn’t getting balls deep in pussy, the athletic stud likes to work on improving his health and physique by lifting weights, swimming, and playing basketball. Zane also considers himself to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and he loves setting off on adventures and doing spontaneous activities that get his blood pumping! When the dark-haired cutie has a moment to spare, he likes to relax by cooking and playing video games. Watch Zane in hot action right here!

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